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Product Overview

Engaging Employees to Scale
provides a SaaS-based software platform including content, tools and training to engage people throughout the organization in building sustainability into different job roles and functions and help them drive initiatives in many different parts of the organization. There are two key offerings in the Tripos solution suite as describe further below. 


Sustainability In Practice™ (SIP) is a role-based online learning curriculum designed to help employees understand how key sustainability principles apply to their job so they are better able to see opportunities and take actions that contribute to the overall success of the organization. The importance of the ‘role-based’ approach is to make sustainability relevant to specific job functions and help build a common language about how it applies to the business. Learning modules focus on operations, supply chains and procurement, buildings, IT, product development, and marketing.

Sustainability In Action™ (SIA) is a new employee engagement and social interaction platform whereby users follow up initial learning and awareness programs by committing to a set of behavioral-based actions that serve both individual as well as company-wide sustainability goals. The system features a configurable taxonomy of over 250 possible actions and commitments which can be tailored to specific client needs and business initiatives. The objective is to enable a systematic process that fosters behavior change and promotes new values around participant engagement, sustainability goal alignment and cultural transformation. SIA provides a natural follow-on link to sustainability training and other initial start-up programs.

Tailor Solutions to Your Needs
All Tripos solutions can be customized or configured to serve your specific needs. Have you thought about developing an online learning program that shares more about your company’s role in sustainability? Get there faster by tailoring any of the Sustainability In Practice learning modules to suit your specific needs. Do you want to help Green Team leaders connect and engage more strategically with the business. Use Sustainability In Action as your connection and collaboration solution to align strategically and drive initiatives in different locations across the organization.

Enterprise Sustainability Strategy
It's one thing for company executives to say they value sustainability. But, it's another challenge to build the strategy into the operating practices of the company and scale.

Tripos provides strategic planning services and governance workshops to improve sustainability performance. We have a well-defined process centered around bringing stakeholders together, building bridges between organizational silos and negotiating win-win agreements. Our sustainability scorecard helps organizations develop, implement and coordinate enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives in ways that create rapid organizational improvement tied to measurable business outcomes.

Our methodology applies knowledge and best practices from a wide variety of fields—organizational development, change management, business operations, learning and talent management, as well as sustainability expertise.

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