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    "U.S. Postal Service selects Tripos Software


New two-year agreement to provide online learning to 15,000 more employees based on successful phase one program. Program targets broad range of employees including executives, plant managers, fleet operators, procurement professionals, marketing professionals, maintenance managers, and postmasters. See CSRWire announcement.

Imagine what it would be like to have 15,000 more employees engaged in driving sustainability initiatives forward in your agency. Contact us today for more information on these milestone achievements.

Tripos Software CEO and Co-founder, Grant Ricketts to moderate a panel, "Using IT to Educate and Engage." September 24, 2012.

Ask for our presentation at GreenGov 2011

Grant Ricketts  discusses "
How to Scale Sustainability
How to Scale Sustainability Through Online Learning 
Federal agencies must implement a wide range of sustainability initiatives, as required by White House Executive Order 13514, EO 13423 and other mandates.

However, given their size and complexity efforts can be fragmented and have limited impact. Most agencies have engaged senior agency staff and now recognize that the next step is to engage more employees whose actions directly impact achieving these goals.

By training, building awareness and aligning personnel around sustainability goals and initiatives, agencies can achieve synergy and economies of scale.

The Sustainability In Practice online learning library from Tripos provides solutions that mobilize people to participate in a wide range of initiatives – from energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction, to facility improvements, service innovations and new “green” procurement solutions.   
Sustainability In Practice™  EO 13514 Priorities
 Green Overview  Management planning
 Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
 Energy efficiency
 Water efficiency
 Pollution prevention and waste elimination
 Green Operations  GHG reductions
 Pollution prevention and waste elimination
 Sustainable federal buildings and facilities
 Electronic stewardship
 Green Procurement  Sustainable acquisition
 Supply Chain partnerships
 Environmentally preferred purchasing
 Green Strategy  Environmental management and stewardship
 Organizational alignment and development
 Sustainability planning

Similarly, State and Local Governments are also addressing a wide range of sustainability initiatives. And, the Sustainability In Practice library can help make a real difference.

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