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Integrating sustainability into core business functions is the most important challenge sustainability leadership face today. And, that's where your people come in.

Tripos Software provides content solutions and collaboration tools to broaden employee participation, engagement and know-how. We help you build awareness about how sustainable business practices tie in with their 'day job', engage people in different sustainability initiatives, and provide visibility into sustainability performance. Ask to see a demo.

Tripos Software CEO and Co-founder, Grant Ricketts interviewed at Ceres conference The Importance of Making Sustainability Relevant to Someone's 'Day Job'

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Engage your people to embed sustainability in the business
"How to achieve Employee Engagement 2.0"
Did you ever think about how Safety became 'job one'?

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Embed sustainability like a pro:
Why sustainability pros must attack from the middle  

Sustainability success  it takes Talent:
“3 Essential Steps for Harnessing In-House Talent on Sustainability”.


Achieving behavior change:  "Employee Engagement in Sustainability: The Big How”
How Employee Engagement can change Company Culture: "Building the Sustainability Brand Within."

How should HR leaders address Sustainability:
"Sustainability: The Next Great HR Opportunity"

Embedding sustainability: “How the US Postal Service is embedding sustainability through engagement”
"Is Your CIO Your Best Partner?"
They should be. It's a great way to engage all employees in a common sustainability pursuit  power down IT to save millions. The USDA Forest Service did, working with the CIO and Tripos Software on the agency's Power-IT-Down Initiative. Learn more.

          "U.S. Postal Service selects Tripos Software"
Two-year agreement to provide online learning to 15,000 more employees based on successful phase one program.
Learn more
Gil Friend
, CEO of Natural Logic, Inc. and author of the book, The Truth About Green Business, introduces the new Sustainability In Practice online learning library. See the video.

New On-Demand eLearning Suite Brings Sustainability Training to Employee Desktops Everywhere. See announcement.
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"Green Teams 2.0: Scaling Engagement for Greater Impact"
Tripos Software CEO addresses employe eengagement  strategies with Conference Board of Canada providing a "road map" to drive engagement and culture change. Sept 30, 2013.

Tripos moderates panel, "Using IT to Educate and Engage."  Sept 24, 2012

Ricketts presents: "Finding the Tipping Point in Changing Behavior" Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference, Nov 12, 2012 Sacramento, CA


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