Products and Services

Sustainability In Action™ (SIA)

SIA is a new employee engagement collaboration and social interaction platform whereby users follow up initial learning and awareness programs by committing to a set of behavioral-based actions that serve both individual as well as company-wide sustainability goals.

The system features a configurable taxonomy of over 250 possible actions and commitments which can be tailored to specific client needs and business initiatives. The objective is to enable a systematic process that fosters behavior change and promotes new values around participant engagement, sustainability goal alignment and cultural transformation. SIA provides a natural follow-on link to sustainability training and other initial start-up programs.

  • Choose among actions to take and make commitments
  • Invite peers, managers and/or experts to engage
  • Organize and align ‘green teams’ around core initiatives and group activities
  • Receive recognition and earn rewards through various ‘gamification’ techniques
  • Set up and configure programs to support personal goals, green team goals, departmental goals as well as broader enterprise or social outreach goals

Sustainability In Practice™ (SIP)

SIP is a role-based online learning curriculum designed to help employees understand how key sustainability principles apply to their job so they are better able to see opportunities and take actions that contribute to the overall success of the organization. Take a quick look to see more.

All courseware can be delivered as a hosted service by Tripos Software through a custom-branded portal with full program management capabilities, including:

  • Automated user registration
  • Email-based invitations and reminders
  • Usage tracking
  • Survey and feedback tracking
  • Reporting

The courseware is also fully SCORM-conformant and can be delivered through 3rd-party learning management systems (LMS).